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The lull of nearby wooden boats hums across the lake, while the sun sets behind the grand and good and historic Villa Balbiano. 

Janna Brown hosted and designed a gorgeous wedding editorial in Lake Como late April. Just in time for the first flowers to bloom, like the crawling wisteria stems. The design was subtle and evoking. Lush roses lined the head table and ceremony aisle. The fashion sleek and tasteful, like an Italian wedding would be.

The editorial was capped off with a luxury boat ride across the iconic Lago di Como waters. Our darling couple enjoyed a golden hour cruise hand-in-hand while admiring the surrounding villas and manors that dot the coastline.

I cannot wait to return to these vast and captivating towns that are nestled between the mountains and the water.




from Colleen:

To experience Lake Como in such a grand way was an incredible memory I will never forget.

"When it comes to creativity, you must always seek inspiration. This editorial was truly dripping in inspiration, not only from the design, but the location. Mountains erupt and boaters zip by, the great and grand villa sits just a few yards in front of the water as the private gates shield it from passer-bys. I adored the colors and to experience Lake Como in such a grand way was an incredible memory I will never forget."


DESIGN: Janna Brown | BRIDAL FASHION: Alexis Bridal | PAPER TREASURES: Best Paper Team | FLOWERS: Janna Brown and David Austin |  BEAUTY: Anna Kalytyak | VENUE: Villa Balbiano 

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