“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?”
– L.M. Montgomery

Editorial & Fine Art Film Photography



I’ve always dreamt and been drawn to old-world charm and timeless love. Lush scenes and genuine affection. Film captures the moment in such an ethereal way. The photos are grainy yet buttery, natural colored yet distinctively film. It felt like such an obvious transition for me to incorporate it into my work. I love enjoying the moment, film forces you to focus on the moment and really nail it, as you only have a certain number of exposures per film roll. I hate over shooting; I would rather deliver less photos of such high quality and intention than overshoot and send lesser images just for the sake of a large album. Photos should be cherished and there is nothing more incredible than using old technology and appreciating it like never before.  




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Melissa S

“Colleen is an artist-- an incredibly talented photographer that will capture the natural beauty of your special day. Her style is timeless, intentional, and ethereal. From our engagement shoots, to our wedding day, to receiving our wedding gallery was truly magical all thanks to Colleen.” 

Katie S.

“Our wedding party continued to rave about Colleen's ability to direct a large group, while also mingling and being a friendly face to all. We highly recommend Colleen as your photographer"

Jessica D. 

“When we reflect on our wedding day and all the decisions we made in the planning process, we can’t help but think about how lucky we feel to have found the absolute best photographer! Colleen was such a genuine and calming presence during our day. She captured every single detail without ever knowing that she was around. Our photographs are perfect and beautifully represent all the love that was shared on our wedding day!” 

-Details. I want to know why you chose "blush" pink instead of "candlelight pink".
-Florals. They can transform a room, create an atmosphere, and represent you as a couple.
-Having a schedule but never feeling like you're on a timeline. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime day. I put a high priority on timelines, creating something that is structured yet breathable so you can be present all day.
-Film. Film photos are the epitome of timelessness. They are buttery get grainy-in order to properly capture your day on both mediums we will need plenty of time, which is why I always encourage at least a nine-hour wedding day.
-Art. It inspires me and in turn allows me to create painterly photos and museum-worthy galleries for my clients.


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After reaching out with your wedding date, venue, and a bit about yourself we will go over your day-of details, packages, and see if I am a good fit for your celebration!


Inquire + Details 

On average, cal couples invest $8,500-$10,000 on their wedding collections

Yay! To officially book your wedding you will need to sign my photography agreement and pay the initial deposit which officially secures your date!



Once the basics are taken care of, we can dive into your details! I will create a mock timeline for your wedding day based off of the specifics of your day. This timeline can then be shared with other vendors. We will also discuss your vision for the day and go over any “must-have” photos.



The majority of my couples choose or add-on an engagement session. This is a chance to not only get beautiful photos to capture this sweet time in your lives but to also officially meet each other! 


Engagement Session

You made it! Your wedding day will be as smooth as possible after all of our planning. I create a timeline that allows breathing room so you and your love can soak in each moment without feeling rushed. On average, my couples receive their photos within 4-6 weeks of the wedding date (their online digital album always comes first, then they will receive a USB flash drive in a custom linen box via mail)! 


Wedding Day

Within 48 hours you will receive hand selected sneak peeks that represent your day. Then, within 4-6 weeks your full wedding album will be delivered! Many clients decide to order a physical album after looking through their photos, which range in pricing from $850-1,000. 



“You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known-and even that is an understatement."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald