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For nearly eight years I have crafted my photography style; my main goal is to produce photos that are painterly and full of genuine romanticism.

My work mirrors the natural elements around me, whether it’s a sunken manicured garden or a marble staircase alongside a Newport Mansion . . 

The most beautiful sound in the world to me is not forest birdsong or babbling brooks or even the ringing of church bells. It’s hearing you whisper, ‘I love you’, over and over again.
-Michael Faudet


"Focusing on the romanticism of the day, my couples will feel like art when viewing their final gallery. Each photo is captured in a painterly manner, with an appreciation for the details." — Colleen

I shoot my weddings on both digital and film cameras, which ensures your precious moments are captured properly at all times. I fell in love with film photos years ago, their grainy yet buttery texture, the soft tones and timeless look. I thought “how could I not incorporate this into my work?” Hearing the clink of the shutter brings you back to a time where everything was slower, and that’s how I want your wedding day to feel. I am so invested in my timelines, making sure you don’t just go through the motions but can breathe and soak up each second. I only take on a select number of weddings each year, making sure that we are both a perfect match for one another. It’s important to me that I am not only a vendor, but a genuine friend throughout the day! 

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Whether it’s the first kiss as a married couple or a dainty detail shot of a bridal bouquet, I enjoy every moment of a wedding day. The natural beauty of the East Coast makes my job pretty easy, there's always a sandy shoreline or lush rose garden to lend a hand as a backdrop for my photographs. Mixing mother natures' effortless charm with my client's candid emotions makes what I do every day a true dream. Capturing and creating an heirloom keepsake for my clients is so important to me. I want their photos to be passed down and enjoyed for decades to come.




My intrigue for photography began to bud at a young age, and over the last twenty plus years it has blossomed into a true passion. My clients become friends, and their memories are just as meaningful as my own. Ultimately, I am driven by the fact that I can capture life’s biggest moments. I cherish my own families’ photos and remember that every time I click the shutter.




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My siblings. I am lucky enough to be one of nine children! No, there are no twins, and yes, we all get along! I am No. 3 in the lineup with four brothers and four sisters. Due to the natural chaos of a big family, I feel that nothing shakes me on a wedding day. 21-person bridal party? No problem, I’m used to organizing my siblings for group photos!

Natural Beauty. Bees, blooms, and breath-taking views. Nothing excites or calms me more than a natural landscape. The sunken gardens at Eolia Mansion, turquoise waters in St. Maarten, wildflower fields along the coast of Maine. Nature fully inspires and drives my creativity; I always look for the lush green trees and blooming florals. My favorite flowers are foxglove, peony, and lilac. (Spring is my favorite time for a flower-forward wedding!) 

Written Word. I love poetry, the way that words can be strung together to create such beauty. I have always jotted down quotes and words that struck me. It could be from a passing stranger or a line in a book. And can we please bring back love letters? The joy of seeing your name in script on a cream envelope, with sweetness on the inside is so priceless.