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June 30, 2022

How Many Wedding Photos Should I Expect?

Many engaged couples ask “How many wedding photos can I expect?”,

and though the answer can vary, it is quite simple.

On average, couples can expect 50-100 photos per hired hour, which is pretty standard for most wedding photographers. So, let’s say you hire your photographer for 8 hours, your gallery will likely contain 400-800 photos. 

Photo of professional wedding prints. How Many Wedding Photos Should I Expect?
Professional wedding prints | Colleen Anne Lennehan Photography

Now, which end you land on can vary based off of a few factors:

  1. Do you have a bridal party? Bridal party photos can add 50+ shots to your album once all the different combinations are taken. 
  2. Do you have large families? Some couples only have 2-3 people in their immediate family, while others have 8 siblings (me, I have eight siblings). Again, this can add 50+ photos to your total.
  3. Are you planning on a first look? Or multiple locations for couple portraits? Every new spot can bring an additional amount of photos. Some couples with only 20 minutes for portraits will have significantly less than those with an hour to spend shooting.
  4. Decor. Are you having anything elaborate? Perhaps cocktail hour florals or a decked out bar. Anything more than baseline will add to your total.
  5. Lastly, your ceremony length. The longer/more in-depth it is, the more time for photos. A quick 15 minute ceremony will likely gather up to 50 or so photos, while a 30-60 minute ceremony with multiple readings could be over 100.

In general, my clients receive 800+ for an average 8 hour day, but after reviewing the few factors you can better gauge where your gallery will stand. Always chat things over with your photographer so they know of the important aspects of your day!

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